January 2022

-A Month for Waiting-

In Central Texas, January is often gray, cold and dry. The drab is sometimes punctuated by those cloudless, bright bluebird sky days that coax us outside to do the field work we’ve been ignoring. There’s very little field work anyway so we dedicate our time to website work, infrastructure tasks (it’s never ending!), seed starting and the flow of covering and uncovering our crops to protect them from freezing temps.

Ideally, low winter temperatures would allow our field to slowly put on green growth and the plants would bloom until when the days start to get a little longer and the days get warmer. Fall and early Winter were unseasonably warm and brought about early blooming flowers (about 6 weeks earlier than desired), early Spring weeds, and some light pest and disease pressure. But, it was the earliest we’ve ever had ranunculus and that’s never a bad thing!

Dan has been steadily chipping away at building a propagation house for the farm. We hope to use this space to start our flower seed trays, root perennial woody cuttings, and……

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