Best Buds Club 2024 FAQ

Welcome to Best Buds Club! A seasonal bouquet subscription from your buds at Cassiopeia Farm!

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How does it work?

Choose from our Spring, Summer, and Fall subscriptions (or all three seasons!) and receive 6 continuous weeks of beautiful, long lasting flowers. The bouquets will be available for pick up from our farmstand every Saturday morning during the subscription period. You’ll receive fresh and thoughtfully designed flowers while also supporting local, sustainable agriculture right in Austin!

Estimated start dates:

Despite best efforts we cannot control the weather and the start date for each period is an approximation. You will receive an email once we approach the beginning of the subscription period you signed up for with an exact start day. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding!

Spring will likely start on Saturday 3/16, Summer will likely start on Saturday 5/18 and fall will likely start on Saturday 9/14.

Farm stand address?

9112 Thaxton Rd Austin, TX 78747

Pick up hours?

Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm

Note: it’s possible that the farm stand will be open other days as well, but Best Buds pre-orders/pick ups are only available on Saturdays.

How big are the bouquets?

They will vary in size week to week depending on the flowers that are in season! For example, a bouquet containing ranunculus will be smaller than a bouquet full of zinnias because it costs us more to grow ranunculus than it does zinnias. But, the bouquets will average between 12-20 stems of flowers and foliage and will be ‘medium’ in size.

How long do the flowers typically last?

Again, that varies depending on what flowers are in season. Some blooms have an incredible vase life (ranunculus, sunflowers, marigolds, etc), and some flowers just don’t (dahlias, cosmos, etc). We pride ourselves on our quality and always ensure that our practices allow you to have flowers in your home for as a long as possible. We harvest to order in the cool of the morning and hydrate your flowers in our cooler before we design with them.

What flowers typically bloom in each season?

While no specific flowers are ever guaranteed, in the Spring we tend to have really ephemeral flowers like anemones, stock, calendula, foxglove and more! Summer is dominated by heat lovers like zinnias, coreopsis and cosmos in bright and cheerful colors. Fall is a celebration of sunflowers, marigolds and celosia in beautiful golds, rusts, plum and other colors that align with the seasonal shift.

What are your farming practices and sustainability values?

We are so proud to farm as gently as possible! We limit disturbing the soil and thus soil life, and we don’t spray anything synthetic on our flowers. Our fertilizers are fish and seaweed based and some of the solutions we might spray on the plants we actually make ourselves (a Lactobacillus bacteria solution, for example).

Plastics are ubiquitous in the horticulture world, but we limit our usage as much as possible. All of our bouquet wrapping materials are home compostable.

Why is Best Buds structured this way?

Best Buds Club is our version of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). A CSA share is usually a weekly order of vegetables/fruit that you typically buy in advance (during the farm’s “off season”) so that the farm can have money to pay for supplies or labor when they don’t have any goods to sell. By purchasing Best Buds Club in the winter when we don’t have flowers blooming, you are allowing us to keep our amazing employee, Jake, staffed and well paid. THANK YOU!

Do you deliver Best Buds?

No, Best Buds is only offered for farm stand pick up.

What if I can’t pick up my bouquet?

I’m so sorry, but if you forget to pick up your bouquet or if you cannot pickup your bouquet, we will not credit you. Send a neighbor or friend to pick up instead!

What happens in the event of a severe weather issue? Or pest/disease problems?

If we are dealing with a severe weather event or pest/disease problem that prevents us from harvesting and selling bouquets we will adjust based on the situation. If it’s just a short lapse in production, we will let you know and resume sales ASAP. If we are dealing with something more serious, then we’ll send you some options via email.

Thanks, bud!