The best flowers possible, without compromise

At Cassiopeia Farm we grow specialty cut flowers for the greater Austin area. We supply florists, our farmstand, and our bouquet subscription (Best Buds Club) with flowers grown as gently as possible.

We strive to bring you the most gorgeous, unique and long lasting flowers without sacrificing sustainability. We believe in increasing the biodiversity of our farm, limiting our usage of outside inputs like fertilizer and compost, and reducing our plastic and carbon footprint. We practice no-till methods, are in the process of setting up rainwater cisterns, and only use home-compostable wrapping materials for our farmstand bouquets.

We (Sam and Dan) founded Cassiopeia Farm in 2019. The farm combines Sam’s love of native wildflowers and grasses, and local agriculture and Dan’s interest in biodiversity and a desire to do good and meaningful work in this world. Together they have big big dreams for the farm and are eager to see how the work evolves and grows over the years.

Thanks for being here!