Welcome to our FARMSTAND!

The final farmstand for 2023 will be on 10/21/23. Thank you for an incredible year!


Shop our flowers in person, at your convenience. Our stand is self serve and is first come, first served. The stand will be stocked with grab and go bunches, beautiful farmstand bouquets and seasonal arrangements (when available).

Currently, we’re only offerings flowers at the stand, but stay tuned as we add more offerings to our line-up!

Farmstand FAQ

What forms of payment do you accept at the stand?

We ask that you pay with exact cash or Venmo, please! We have a code in the stand that you will scan with your phone and it will send you directly to our Venmo account! Or, if you prefer to pay with cash, look for our mounted cash box.

What will be the typical price range of flowers at the stand?

Our hope is that the stand will allow us to sell flowers with a wide price range! Look for bunches of fresh flowers in the $10-25 price range, bouquets around $25 and holiday arrangements! Our goal is to have offerings for anyone and everyone that stops by!

Interested in a larger bouquet to pick up at the stand? Consider joining Best Buds!

Farmstand address?

9112 Thaxton Rd Austin, TX 78747

Farmstand hours?

Saturdays, 9 am until 2 pm (or until sold out)

*The farmstand will only be open during the growing season which is roughly Mid-March through late October. We do expect to have our own holiday pop-up days, special event days, etc! Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date!

What do you mean by first come/first served?

We will try our hardest to make sure that everyone that swings by the stand finds something they love! But, we are a small farm (and a small team!) and we can only harvest/design a certain amount in any given day. We will make frequent checks to the stand to make sure it’s looking full and abundant and will do what we can to re-stock when we’ve sold out. We truly appreciate your support and understanding! Follow along on social media for stand updates-we’ll always post if we’re sold out for the day.

How can you help us spread the word about the stand?

Tag us on social media-this helps so much! Tell your friends-this helps even more!!